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Tofu Dessert, 豆花(Douhua) Recipe

Tofu Dessert, 豆花(Douhua) Recipe -

Sachiko Murata |

I would like to introduce a dessert called 豆花 (Douhua), which is a Chinese dessert made with soft Tofu (bean curd) and syrup . I made it in a Japanese style.

It's delicious, light and healthy. You can't stop eating it! Get soft Tofu, Kuromitsu (Japanese style syrup), and fruits or nuts or anything else you like! 


豆花 (Douhua) RECIPE


[ for 250ml cup ]

Soft Tofu                                                   200 ml

Kuromitsu (Japanese style syrup)            4 tbsp    

Anko (azuki sweet bean paste)                3 tbsp    / to taste

Kinako (roasted soybean flour)                3 tbsp    / to taste

slices of strawberries                               to taste


1 Place soft Tofu with a spoon in a cup, and put Anko, Kinako and strawberries or anything you like on top.

2 Pour on Kuromitsu (Japanese style syrup).


That's it !

You can have it either warm or cold.  It could be good to pour maple syrup instead of Kuromitsu.


How about this?



Is this dessert new for you?

Enjoy your new experience !!

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Today's Recommendation

For topping

・Instant Anko powder

Hokkaido Azuki Bean Powder used for Red Bean Paste 北海道産小豆 あずきあん

You can make a quite good Koshi-anko (smooth red bean paste) by just pouring hot water onto the powder, and stirring well with some sugar. 


・Kinako (roasted soybean flour)

Kinako (roasted soybean flour) made from soybeans grown in Hokkaido 北海道産大豆使用 京きな粉 


・Kuromame Black Soybean

Morita Beans #1 Kuromame Black Soybean Tea 

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