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  • Hojicha Pumpkin Latte Recipe

    Hojicha Pumpkin Latte Recipe

    Do you have any pumpkin puree left from the Halloween or have you got a pumpkin or a butternut squash on your shelf? Let's make a nice drink with it....

  • Hojicha Mochi Muffin Recipe

    Hojicha Mochi Muffin Recipe

    What is "Mochi Muffin"?! Most Japanese people could never guess what it is. In fact, I was also one of those people until I read an article written in Los...

  • Hojicha & Matcha Ice Cream Bars Recipes - Yunomi.life

    Hojicha & Matcha Ice Cream Bars Recipes

    This cold, dreamy Hojicha & Matcha ice creams are the perfect summer time treat to beat the heat. No need to buy special ingredients, and no cooking required. Just grab Hojicha...

  • Hojicha & Chocolate Coated Almonds Recipe - Yunomi.life

    Hojicha & Chocolate Coated Almonds Recipe

    "Cocoa dusted almonds" and "Chocolate covered almonds"... many people love these snacks. Let's make delicious almonds with a Japanese twist using Hojicha powder!    Hojicha powder   Hojicha is roasted green...

  • How to make the most of Hojicha powder, Hojicha Roll Cake Recipe - Yunomi.life

    Hojicha Roll Cake Recipe

    Can you see what this is?     This is Hojicha powder. Hojicha powder is finely ground Hojicha leaves. It is superfine and smooth like Matcha. You can make a cup of...