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Recommended Videos About Tea in Shizuoka

Recommended Videos About Tea in Shizuoka - Yunomi.life

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A collection of amazing, inspirational, and/or informative videos about tea from Shizuoka.

"Drainspotters #1 Green Tea" by NHK World-Japan


Japan's artistic manhole covers tell the tale of a different town or region of the country. A tea picker on the manhole covers in Kikugawa, Shizuoka Prefecture leads to a look at the area's tea-growing in the spring and summer months, where the Hori family has prepared their special brew over 4 generations.

"Green Tea Fields of Shimada City" (360 degree drone video)

Video by Shimada City Guide 島田市市勢要覧

Short video of green tea fields in Shimada City, Shizuoka, part of the Makinohara region, a flat plain that is one of the main production areas of green tea in Shizuoka..

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