“The 2nd T-1 Grand Prix in Sayama” was held on March 8, 2015.

150317-t1-grand-prix T-1 Grand Prix is a competition for elementary students held in various places to decide the tea champion.
The contents are:
Cha-llenge 1 (茶レンジ1, cha 茶 meaning tea) – quiz on tea related topic
Cha-llenge 2 (茶レンジ2) – quiz on choosing the types of tea
Cha-llenge 3 (茶レンジ3) – how to prepare/steep tea

There were all together 75 participants at this year’s Sayama Competition.
In the final round, 3 participants competed on tea steeping skills.

150317-t1-grand-prix2The event was taken up in a newspaper. Because I was working behind-the-scene, I could not see the preliminary round but when I saw the final round I was very moved by how the participants were preparing tea in a very careful and respective manner.

Being it a competition it is unavoidable to rank the participants, but it was a moment that I wished for these children to prepare tea at home, creating an environment to start a conversation and bring smiles to the family.

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