Good morning.
Yesterday’s snowfall remains in Sayama.
Please be careful of where you walk if you are leaving the house today.

Today is Smiles Day (the words for 2 and 5 can be pronounced “nico” which is a word used for “smile”)
I hope you give someone a wonderful smile today!


Today must be the coldest day of the year in Sayama.

And, it is Matcha Day. “2” and “6” can be pronounced “fu” and “ro”…”furo” which sounds like a bathtub, but actually in the tea ceremony, the fireplace area of a tea house used to boil water is called a “furo”. So, the Nishio Tea Trade Association named today Matcha Day in honor of the 120th Anniversary of the founding of Nishio Tea.

Matcha flavors in ice cream, cakes, and other sweets have become standard in Japan.

Snow fall at the Yokota household on Feb 4. Snow fall at the Yokota household on Feb 4. Snow on the Yokota tea farm on Feb 5. Snow on the Yokota tea farm on Feb 6.

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