kurihara-tocha-150123An annual tocha* 闘茶 event, tea tasting contest, at Yabemura. We have to guess the five kinds of tea from gyokuro and sencha green tea.

The characters on the cards** used in Yabemura is 松竹梅鶴亀 (translated as pine 松, bamboo 竹, plum 梅, crane 鶴, and tortoise 亀). In the nation wide competition, they usually use the characters 花鳥風月客 (translated as flower 花, bird 鳥, wind 風, moon 月, and guest 客).

*Tocha is a tea tasting contest, or in ancient Japan, it was more of a game comparing the quality of teas.
** The cards represent each tea, and you taste each tea labeled with the card and guess what type of gyokuro or sencha it is. The paper is for the attendees to take notes upon deciding the answer.

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