Saikai Ceramics: Hakuwan - Jatenmoku, Porcelain Matcha Bowl with Gift Box


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Jatenmoku 寂天目 - tenmoku is a glaze technique that involves an element of randomness, allowing the glaze to transform in the firing. As a result there is some variation from piece to piece and may not look exactly as the photo.

The "ja" 寂 refers to "sabi" of the wabisabi concepts - impermanence.

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  • Volume: 425 ml
  • Size: 11.5 cm diameter, 6.5 cm height
  • Ceramics tradition: Hasamiyaki
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Region: Hasami, Nagasaki
  • Warnings:
    • May be used with microwave
    • Do not use with dishwasher, nor oven.
    • As the piece ages, the glaze may crack and stain -- a process called kannyu.
    • There may be slight variations in color, and may not matcha the photo exactly.


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