Kuma Tea Garden FK034: Yamecha Sencha Tsuyuhikari

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A stylish and elegant new sencha from the award-winning Kuma Tea Gardens in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture. This is a rare tea that is rich with a wide range of notes. This tsuyuhikari sencha features a rich umami that is typical of Yamecha (tea coming from the Yame region) along with the sharpness found in sencha.

When brewed at lower temperatures, it has the best umami and mellow taste. When brewed at higher temperatures, one will obtain a glimpse of the faint aroma of cherry blossoms that is characteristic of the tsuyuhikari cultivar. If you are not sure how to brew it, please know it is a delicious tea no matter how it is brewed so we hope that it will delight you and that you will be able to find your preference. 

From Kuma-san (tea farmer): 

At Kuma Tea Gardens, this cultivar has been planted for 6 years. It is the first time that I harvested this cultivar and processed it into a fine sencha. I was looking forward, with both excitement and anxiousness, wondering what kind of tea it would be… but I was relieved that a good tea was made! Still, there is much to discover about this tsuyuhikari cultivar, so I am looking forward to trying out various expressions every year from now on.

Flavor Profile 

  • Umami: ★★★★☆
  • Sharpness:★★★★☆
  • Potential:★★★★★
  • Intelligence:★★★★★


Steeping notes from Kuma Tea Gardens

  • Temperature 57-80
  • Water: 140 ml-210ml
  • Tea: 3-5g 
  • Time: 30sec -1 minute 
  • Can be re-steeped and enjoyed 3-5 times


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