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Visiting Japan

We hope the information below will help you get the most out of your trip to Japan.

Travel / Sightseeing

List of World Heritage Sites in Japan Places you want to visit in Japan before you die (part 1) Places you want to visit in Japan before you die (part 2) Things to do in Japan in Winter

Restaurants / Cafe

15 Japanese Sweets Cafe in Tokyo
Bissori (Italian/Korean) | Tokyo bissori1
Kanda Shinpachi 神田新八 (Japanese, izakaya, sake) | Tokyo 神田新八5

Hotels / Inns

Sakura Hotel & Hostel Jinbocho | Tokyo sakura2

Tea Ceremony


[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last] Visit Cha-no-yu in the Asakusa district of Tokyo for a fun lesson on Japanese tea ceremony. You will be able to experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony in a comfortable tea room. And you can make a bowl of tea (matcha) on your own. CLICK HERE FOR LOCATION


3,000 yen (per person), 45 min / 1 session


Open: Tueday - Sunday, 10:00 - 17:00, Closed: Mondays (In case Mondays fall on the national holidays, the following day will be substituted) [/twocol_one_last]