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Yunomi Lectures
Yunomi Lectures

Yunomi Lectures

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Visit us for lectures

While we don't have a standard storefront, the office that we are based in is a 50-year old farm house whose owners built an authentic tea ceremony room (chashitsu) in the early 1980s. We are currently developing a series of reservation-only tea lectures (and tastings to accompany the lectures). If you are simply interested in visiting, please contact us and let us know when you are coming.

Office Hours

The office is generally open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00 - 17:00, and sometimes on Tuesdays and Fridays (though we often use these days to have off-site meetings, so staff may not be present on these days). Please be sure to contact us before coming. If you run into a delay, please call the office at 0465-55-8638 to let us know, or leave a message on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Access From Tokyo Station

  1. Take a JR Kodama Shinkansen (bullet train) 35 minutes to Odawara Station. These leave twice an hour and stop at Shinagawa and Shin-Yokohama Stations before stopping at Odawara Station. 3740 yen with a reserved ticket, but get a 3220 yen unreserved ticket because Cars 1-7 and 11-15 are for unreserved tickets and are very rarely completely full (in the evenings around 6 pm they can fill up, but we assume you won't be traveling at that time. In the rare event that you can't find a seat, you can stand or ask an attendant to sell you an upgrade to a reserved seat.) Note: If you accidentally get on a Hikari or Nozomi, get off at Shinagawa or Shin-Yokohama because the next stop after Shin-Yokohama could be 1.5 hours later in Nagoya!
  2. At Odawara Station, exit the Shinkansen area, head towards the Starbucks, then up the escalator. At the opposite side of the station on the left side is the Izuhakone Tetsudo-Daiyuzan Line.
  3. Take the Daiyuzan Line three stops to Gohyakurakan Station. 6 minutes, 140 yen, and trains leave every 12 minutes. (The stations between are Midoricho and Isaida Stations.)
  4. Exit the station (only one exit), and turn left when you get to the street.
  5. Walk 5-7 minutes, and we are at the old house right next to 7-eleven. You'll pass a gas station almost immediately, then the underpass of an expressway.
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