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Shinko Studio
Shinko Studio

Shinko Studio

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Tokyo-based Shinko Studio uses wabori engraving, a 400-year old Japanese technique once used on samurai swords, to produce exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry. In addition, their Kanji Charms use laser engraving, and bracelets feature a traditional Japanese string-making technique called kumihimo from the Iga region, once known for its ninja.


Artist created from Japan

Modern Design and the Japanese Jewelry Overflowing with the Craftsman’s Spirit The Samurai Spirit Jewelry

In ages past, the samurai treasured their swords above their own lives. In those days, the craft of the metal smiths who decorated the swords was patronized by the daimyo (Japanese feudal lords). The craftsmen of the time attained a magnificent level of skill transcending that of the rest of the world. When the samurai were banned from carrying swords, the artisans turned to jewelry to make a living. Thus, the Japanese jewelry was born. Shinko Studio has embraced inherently Japanese techniques such as the Japanese-style engraving, and now produces items overflowing with a sense of luxury and embodying the samurai spirit. Zen Concepts and the Design,

The Zen concept of ‘void’ or ‘nothingness’ remains prevalent in various Japanese designs even now. Whilst the idea of ‘simple living’ has been passed down in Japan since the days of old, it lives on as the source of innovative designs. Our Wish ,

All of us have our own different stories and lifestyles. When you make Shinko Studio’s jewelry a part of your personal story, you should be able to brush against the profound spirit of Japanese crafts. This modern, artistic jewelry is made by artisans who keep the Japanese traditions alive. We hope those who wear our jewelry attain a sense of inner peace as they make their way through life.


Shinko Studio’s Aspirations


We will continue to polish our creative sensibilities, and to maintain a zest for trying new things.


We want to provide jewelry that will give people spiritual serenity and courage in their lives.

That’s why we design.

Design, like music and poetry, allows for freedom of expression. Shinko Studio strives to produce innovative designs for people who are living intently in the moment.

We also consider comfort and durability, and challenge ourselves technically with stone-setting and difficult textures.


Shinko Studio is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, incorporating ancient techniques and hidden meanings in our designs. We hope to produce a new kind of jewelry, which stays true to tradition while integrating diversity.


Japanese jewelry began to develop in the Edo period when metal workers shifted away from producing scabbards and decorative guards for katanas.

The craftsmen saw producing something as sacred as a “katana” as sacred work, and approached their creation with a Zen mindset. That technique and spirit of craftsmanship has been continuously passed down by Japanese jewelry artisans. We will produce high quality work by integrating diversity, with Japanese tradition as our base.


“Jewelry that is good for people.” We strive to produce jewelry that will accompany each person closely for life.

Therefore, we lovingly and painstakingly create each object. We hope that the love we feel for our creations will reach those who wear them.

  • Address: 1-14-12 Funabashi Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan 156-0055
  • +81-3-3429-8077 03-3429-8077(Domestic)
  • Established June 1963
  • Founded November 2002
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