Mitocha NR005: Sun-dried Kamairicha Bancha 天日干し釜炒りばん茶

Size: 10g / 0.35 oz / June 2020(Aged) / Yunomi resealable bag

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Produced using late first flush spring leaves harvested in June after the May first flush harvest. In other regions, this late first flush harvest is called Oyako Bancha.

Oxidization in the leaves are then stopped using the pan-fired (kamairi) method of processing, the leaves are rolled, dried in a greenhouse under the sunlight. And finally, the tea is roasted.

This tea processing method is a folk tea called Kumano Bancha 熊野晩茶 in the Kumano region of Wakayama Prefecture, which Mitocha is attempting to preserve.. It was used to make rice porridge to be eaten with pickled vegetables and dried foods, and drunk as an every day tea. It also ages well according to the Mitocha.

[製法] 一番茶の頃に摘んだ茶樹の刈り残った葉と遅れて伸びてくる新芽とを合わせて6月初旬に摘みとり、その生葉を釜炒りして揉捻してからしっかり乾くようにハウスの中で天日干しして乾燥させます。そして飲む前に焙煎をします。親子番茶ともよばれます。

[特徴] 和歌山熊野では晩茶とよばれて親しまれています。茶粥にしてお漬物や干物とあわせたり薬缶で淹れたりして気軽に飲み続けられている日常のお茶、常茶です。熟成にも向いています。当園ではその製法を受け継ぐため師匠の元へ毎年通っています。

Steeping Notes

  • Tea: 5g. 
  • Time: 1 min. 
  • Water: 90C/195F, 200 ml. 
  • Resteep 3 times. 
  • See for more info.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Harvest: Early June
  • Cultivated without use of pesticides / synthetic fertilizers
  • Region: Yamazoe Village, Nara

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