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Tea Info

  • Matcha Sakura Bread Recipe

    Recipe by Reiko Taichi Servings: 8 round breads Ingredients (Bread dough) 200g Bread Flour 10g Tapioca flour(can be omitted) 5g Matcha powder (This recipe uses Obubu Tea #21: Gokou Matcha)...

  • Japanese Tea Nutrition Chart - Yunomi.life

    Japanese Tea Nutrition Chart

    A translation of official government nutritional values for Japanese teas and others including gyokuro, matcha, sencha, kamairicha, bancha, houjicha, genmaicha, oolong tea, black tea.

  • Elements of Tea: Chlorophyll

    If you listened properly in your 6th grade science class, you probably know that chlorophyll is a biomolecule found in algae and plants responsible for absorbing light in the photosynthesis...