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🌱 2024 Shincha Pre-Orders 🌱

Yunomi Delivery Guarantee

Ian Chun |

Sending orders from Japan to 75+ countries around the world gets complicated and costly as many of you know. As an experiment to improving our customer experience, we'd like to experiment with enhanced and simplified shipping. 

  • Yunomi guarantees delivery of all retail orders.
  • Fulfillment requires 1-5 days in general, but we ask for your patience in the case of items that are not in stock (a notice will be shown on the product page), and in cases where customs clearance requires extra time.
  • Shipment times vary by method and are shown at checkout. These times are meant to be estimates and may take longer in some cases.
  • Lost orders
    • A order that has not arrived should be reported immediately. If it cannot be reshipped, a refund will be offered.
  • Damaged items
    • If your order arrives damaged send us a photograph within 7 days.
    • We will replace damaged items immediately or refund you if the items are not available.
  • Condition: We reserve the option to refund you and close your account if deliveries repeatedly fail.


I received my order from 10/12/17 but never did receive the order from 9/28/17. Maybe it will still show up.

Marianne Scozzafava,

I would like a sample of your free tea . Thank you

Denise DuVall,

Im love yunomi tea


I can’t wait to try your teas


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