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Professional's Guide to Japanese Tea

  • Bamboo and the Art of Chasen Making - Yunomi.life

    Bamboo and the Art of Chasen Making

    Today, I would like to talk about chasen (茶筅), the indispensable and quintessential tea whisk that is used to make matcha, particularly focusing on the bamboo that is used in...

  • All About Shading in Japanese Tea Cultivation - Yunomi.life

    All About Shading in Japanese Tea Cultivation

    Hello! Genki desuka (How are you doing)? Today, I would like to delve into the topic of shading and shaded teas. If you enjoy drinking gyokuro, kabusecha, or matcha, you...

  • Teatopia, Wazuka - Yunomi.life

    Teatopia, Wazuka

    Greetings! Can you spot the praying mantis lounging in the beautiful tea fields of Wazuka?  Yes, today we are back highlighting some of the major tea producing regions in the...

  • Yunomi Matcha Grades - Yunomi.life

    Yunomi Matcha Grades

    Yunomi Matcha Grades Shop our extensive collection of matcha (this collection also includes other tea powders) from producers around Japan. What is the difference between ceremonial grade and culinary grade? Imperial grade...

  • Secrets about matcha - Yunomi.life

    Secrets about matcha

    Did you know? Matcha is made by finely grinding tencha leaves, tea leaves that have been shaded for about four weeks, and more importantly, that have been steamed and dried without...

  • How matcha is made - Yunomi.life

    How matcha is made

    This is a quick primer on matcha production. We learned all of this because we work with both tea farms and tea factories. Matcha from small-scale family tea farms / factories...