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Chakouan H1010: Chiran Green Tea Fukamushi Premium {特上煎茶}

Chakouan H1010: Chiran Green Tea Fukamushi Premium {特上煎茶} - 1
Chakouan H1010: Chiran Green Tea Fukamushi Premium {特上煎茶}
Note: Packages for most tea & food products will use Yunomi resealable bags or tins (with some exceptions, click here to see info and photos). If you need the original Japanese package, please leave a note in the order comments.

Fukamushi is a special method of processing sencha tea leaves that involves an extended steaming time. As a result, the leaves tend to lose their shape, crumbling into small particles much easier than other sencha teas. This transforms the flavor from a clean, smooth tasting tea, to a tea that is thick and strong in flavor for the amount and quality level of the leaf itself.

Kagoshima, Chiran-cha

Kagoshima is the second largest tea production region in Japan. Chiran is a small town located in southern Kagoshima Prefecture, known for samurai district and gardens that have been preserved since the Edo period. Chiran-cha refers to and is a brand name for tea grown in the town of Chiran.


Chiran Fukamushi Premium
Yunomi resealable craft bag: 10g, 50g; Original Chakouan bag: 100g
100% green tea leaves grown in Kagoshima Prefecture
Chakouan Yamaguchi Seichaen Co., Ltd.
45 Hasuikecho, Imari-shi, Saga 848-0042, JAPAN

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