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Did you enjoy your Sips by™ sample?

We hope you loved your Sips by™ sencha green tea sample. It comes from a 10th generation tea farmer based just north of Tokyo, the Morita Tea Garden. We hope you'll check them out as well as other small-scale tea farms and factories from Japan. If you have questions, or would like to discuss this tea with other Sips by customers, leave a comment! Why Sips by™ loves Yunomi: Based in Japan, Yunomi brings small-scale Japanese farms to the forefront, and direct to the customer. Yunomi provides direct access to a breadth of Japanese teas that are more recently harvested than what you find in the store, and promotes a "farm to tea cup” culture we genuinely appreciate.

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Yunomi Resealable Bags

Beginning in November, 2016, we are gradually moving toward offering tea in Yunomi resealable bags. There will be a few exceptions when the original packages are themselves beautiful or vacuum sealed. In those cases, when there is resealable ziplock on the bag, we will provide a complimentary Yunomi resealable bag. Value per 100 grams is Up to $14.99 - Resealable brown craft bag $15.00 - $24.99 - Resealable Green or yellow bag, Japanese washi paper material $25.00 - $44.99 - Resealable Silver Japanese washi paper material $45.00+ - Resealable Gold Japanese washi paper material

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Yunomi Delivery Guarantee

Sending orders from Japan to 72 countries around the world gets complicated and costly as many of you know. As an experiment to improving our customer experience, we'd like to experiment with enhanced and simplified shipping.  This policy will supersede all other policies until December 31, 2016, as an initial trial. Standard Airmail - No Delivery Guarantee Ship at your own risk. In exchange for a very low price on international airmail, you bear the risk of loss or damage. Premium & Express Airmail - Yunomi Delivery Guarantee Yunomi guarantees delivery of all retail orders whether or not tracking is available. If your order does not arrive in 2 weeks (Express) or 4 weeks (Premium), contact us. If it arrives...

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Hot deals on Matcha direct from Japan

Matcha is taking the world by storm, but wow, prices are crazy for the quality that you get. Yunomi, shipping directly from our office in Japan, offers our own house brand of matcha as well as matcha products from our supply partner network -- all small-scale tea farms and/or factories. And since you've discovered this page, let us reward you with a few options (each code can be used only once): 20% off any matcha product. Code: HDEAL20M 35% off Yunomi Factory Direct Matcha (all made with JAS certified organic matcha). Code: HDEAL35G G1 - Ceremonial Grade 30g / 1.06 oz: Umami heaven! G3 - Latte Grade 30g / 1.06 oz: Stronger bitterness allows it to stand out against milk and...

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October Clearance Sale! Starting at 35% OFF!

Beginning October 14, Japan time, we will have a series of codes available, applicable to the entire store. In particular, we hope to clear out old packages as we aim to standardize packaging across all vendors.  Conditions on coupon codes: One use per customer per code. Wholesale / employee accounts not eligible. Codes are active during the specified time period using Japan time (no exceptions). Current Japan time Clearance Coupon Codes 35% off $50 or more. CODE: CLR35. Active: Oct. 14 - 16. 30% off $60 or more. CODE: CLR30. Active: Oct. 17 - 21. 25% off $70 or more. CODE: CLR25. Active: Oct. 22 - 26. 20% off $80 or more. CODE: CLR20. Active: Oct. 27 - 31.

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