Fujiki Denshiro: Sakura Bark Tea Canister Turtle Shell Engraving by Arakawa Keitaro 総皮茶筒 天亀甲(荒川慶太郎 作)

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Utilizing kabazaiku (sakura wood bark craft) techniques and bark from various different woods, Fujiki Denshiro's master craftsman Arakawa Keitaro creates this elegant design featuring the pattern of a tortoise shell, a symbol of longevity in Asian cultures.

Fujiki Denshiro was established in 1851 as a kabazaiku wholesaler and transformed into the premier kabazaiku manufacturing studio by the late 6th generation owner Koichi Fujiki.

Fujiki Denshiro Brand Website Interview with the late Koichi Fujiki

Meister Koichi Fujiki (1962 - 2015)
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Meister Koichi Fujiki

Current CEO, Misawa Tomoko
Company Message

Master craftsman Arakawa Keitaro
Arakawa Keitaro, Kabazaiku Craftsman


Product Info

  • Material: Sakura bark, natural wood
  • Region: Kakunodate, Akita, Japan
  • Craftsman: Arakawa Keitaro

About Kabazaiku


Kabazaiku was initiated by samurai warriors as a supplementary work task approximately 220 years ago during the Temmei Era. This craftsmanship was adopted by the townspeople of Kakunodate (Akita Prefecture), and continues to be perfected in an environment rich in culture. Natural cherry bark breathes. It handles moisture well. Its tough surface makes Kabazaiku craft-ware suitable for everyday use. An intricate relationship exists between cherry bark, wisdom, and the devotion of skilled craftsmen that brings about a special harmony found in unique and beautiful kabazaiku products.


Please observe the following instructions for the long-term enjoyment of your product. Avoid prolonged storage in damp places; do not wipe with a wet cloth. To prevent dehydration, avoid both excessive dryness and direct sunlight. To achieve maximum luster, occasional wiping in the direction of the grain is recommended. Use a soft cloth or tissue. Do not use in microwave, oven, or wash in dishwasher.

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