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Fujiki Denshiro CEO: Misawa Tomoko, Company Message

Fujiki Denshiro CEO: Misawa Tomoko, Company Message - Yunomi.life

Ian Chun |

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The beautiful artisanal craft of sakura bark, kabazaiku, was born from the coexistence of artisans and nature

Over our long 170-year history, a philosophy has been respectfully passed down from generation to generation: "Refining our work will refine trust in us".

While keeping the values that have been handed down to us in our hearts, we believe that it is important to explore new ways forward, to challenge ourselves, to refine our work, and to enhance our kabazaiku craft together with our customers to stay close to them and refine their trust in us.

The appearance of sakura bark which grows naturally in the mountains varies greatly depending on the environment in which it grows and the age of the tree. And no two pieces are alike. Therefore, how do the artisans decide which bark to use for what kind of kabazaiku piece to bring out the most beauty? "The bark itself gives us the answer," the artisans say. They turn wild material into beautiful kabazaiku art with the knowledge passed down from their predecessors and experience gained with their own hands.

However, this kabazaiku that has been created by the artisans is not yet "finished". We at Fujiki Denshiro, believe that it becomes genuine "traditional kabazaiku" when the product is used by our customers and blends into their daily lives.

While learning from the wisdom of our predecessors, we strive to pass on the true beauty of expressive kabazaiku through the high quality of our craftsmanship, offering new approaches for contemporary lifestyles, and repairing services to enhance each piece together with customers in the years after purchase.

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