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Temari Sushi Recipe

Temari Sushi Recipe

Sachiko Murata |

Meet a new style of sushi called Temari sushi! These bite-sized sushi are perfect finger food to serve at home gatherings. 


What's Temari Sushi? 

Temari(手鞠) ,literally means handball ,known as a traditional craft with beautiful threads, used to be a toy ball for girls. Temari sushi, also called "Kyo sushi", they were originally made in Kyoto for young girls called Maiko ,who serve and entertain guests with traditional performances. Due to the small sizes, they could be eaten elegantly.



Temari (手鞠) 



This iconic round shape is made with a cooking cloth or cling film, and you don't need any special skills or equipments to make them.    

Although there are many variations of ingredients you can put on sushi rice (seasoned rice), I've chosen these ingredients below for this recipe because I think you could buy them in your local stores.



Surimi(crab sticks), salmon, raddish from the left, bean sprouts and herbs 




How to Eat Temari Sushi 

The Japanese usually eat them dipping shoyu(soy sauce) and wasabi. Wasabi or Japanese horseradish is a name of the plant and an essential condiment used to accompany traditional Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi and soba (buckwheat noodles).It creates a sharp, tingly (but temporary) sensation of heat in your nose with its pungent aroma. Wasabi is an optional, but you will enjoy the special experience if you have it with Temari Sushi. 


 Shoyu and wasabi in the small dish for dipping (left)



Cook sushi rice (seasoned rice) first, and then let's start! 

The sushi rice recipe from here. Sushi Rice (Sumeshi) Recipe





 [ for 36 pieces (3 types,12 of each type) ]


3 cups (600ml) rice, producing about 1kg/3.52oz of  Sushi rice

[Type A]

120g/4.2oz  Surimi(crab) sticks 

a handful of bean sprouts with mayonnaise for topping, to taste


[Type B]

100g/3.5oz salmon, sliced 

40g/1.5oz cream cheese ,option 

small amount of dil or cream cheese for topping, to taste


[Type C]

80g/ 2.8oz radish, thinly sliced and a pinch of salt sprinkled to be soften

small amount of  corriander leaves or chives for topping, to taste


For serving 

shoyu (soy sauce)

Wasabi, to taste





1 Put some topping on some cling film or a wet cooking cloth, and add a golf ball-sized rice. Wrap tightly and form by twisting the cling film. 







2 Unwrap and put it on a plate. Add some topping, to taste.




Vegan/Vegetarian Option - use vegetables: sliced avocado, sliced and vinegar cucumber

Fish: sliced of any raw fish and shrimps

Meat: sliced roasted beaf and prosciutto


In fact, you can make Temari sushi with any of your favorite ingredients. Invent your own Temari sushi !



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Today's Recommendations  

Shoyu (soy sauce)

Tomei Shoyu - Transparent Soy Sauce by Fundodai Goyo Inc. 

Special soy sauce that is produced in the normal way before being distilled to make it clear, so that you can enjoy the taste of soy sauce without adding any color to your dishes.



Kameya Foods: Farm Direct Grated Wasabi

This wasabi comes from Shizuoka Prefecture, the leading producer of Japanese tea but also famous for their delicious wasabi. Real wasabi, in a tube and ready to  use. Kameya Food's farm direct grated wasabi is perfect for a wide array of Japanese foods. 


Powdered Green Tea  

Tarui Tea Farm: Organic Sushi Restaurant Green Tea Powder

This type of green tea is often served in sushi restaurants, and is a convenient way to consume the entire tea leaf.

Enjoy the autumn harvested, deep steamed green tea produced in Shizuoka with powder. 



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