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Crushed Coffee Jelly in Cold Matcha Wasanbon Milk

Crushed Coffee Jelly in Cold Matcha Wasanbon Milk

Ian Chun |

The combination of coffee jelly and matcha in the context of a latte is surprisingly delicious and not uncommon in Japanese cafes. Try our version out at home with our Barista grade matcha, Naruto, and Wasanbon sugar from a centuries old manufacturer, Mitani Sugar.

Recipe by Tako Shiho


(for 1 serving)

-coffee jelly-

  • 80cc strong coffee
  • 5-10g wasanbon sugar 
  • 1.5g gelatin / 1.2g agar

-matcha syrup-

  • 2 tsp matcha 


  1. Pour milk in a mold to make milk cubes and put it in a freezer
  2. Make strong coffee and warm it up in a pan, then add wasanbon sugar and gelatin/agar to dissolve. Pour it in a container and cool it in a fridge until it's set.
  3. Mix sifted matcha powder, sifted wasanbon and warm milk well and chill it
  4. Put coffee jelly in a glass, frozen milk cubes, and pour milk and the syrup

What is Wasanbon sugar?

Wasanbon sugar is a high-grade sugar which is used mainly for wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) originated in the Edo period. 

It has a delicate flavor and texture which melts in your mouth.

It is made from a particular type of sugar cane called “chikusha”, harvested at the end of the year in Kagawa and Tokushima prefecture, on Shikoku Island. Wasanbon production is done in 8 steps, and the whole process can take up to 20 days. Surprisingly, this same technique has still been followed since the Edo period.

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