Teruyuki Kiln M38: Inbana - Tokoname 2-Tone Flat Kyusu Tea Pot with Pressed Flower (Green / Red) Design (140 cc, Yamaki Ikai) 常滑・輝之二色印花平型急須


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Award-winning Isobe Teruyuki is master craftsman based in Tokoname, Aichi, Japan. Born in 1938, he became an apprentice at the famous Takasuke Kiln in Tokoname at the age of 16, and became an expert in making special edition handmade kyusu tea pots carrying Takasuke as well as Teruyuki's own mark, "Hōseian".

As a practitioner of the Way of Sencha, Teruyuki feels that the kyusu is a tool for steeping tea, and gains his inspiration from his study of sencha. His dedication has lead to many awards including the Choza Award in Tokoname.

After launching his own kiln in 2007, he began creating his unique, detailed Flat Kyusu (Hiragata Kyusu) in 2013 using the inbana (pressed flower) designs.

  • Volume: 140 ml (80% full)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Strainer: Ceramic mesh  (the mesh in the picture is a sample from another tea pot)
  • Tradition: Tokoname-yaki
  • Region: Tokoname, Aichi, Japan

This product has been tested to be free of lead and cadmium contamination. Do not use in microwave or dishwasher. Hand wash to clean.

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