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Cast iron tea pot or kyusu made in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, the center of the 4-century old Nambu Cast Iron production region. The modern design was created by award-winning multidisciplinary designer Koizumi Makoto (website | instagram).

The inside is coated with enamel for proper steeping of tea leaves.

  • Size: W15.2 x L12 x H14 cm
  • Volume: 0.56 liters (80% full)
  • Strainer: steel cup type
  • Instructions
    • Made to be used as a tea pot, not a kettle. Do not use with gas or IH stove, or other wise apply heat directly to the tea pot to boil water.
    • Be careful not to drop the tea pot. Both the metal may crack and the enamel coating may crack.
    • Do not cool a hot tea pot suddenly. This may also lead to cracks in the enamel.
    • Do not place directly onto your table or counter. The metal may cause scratches in your table or counter surface. 
    • Leaving tea or water on the surface for a long time may cause stains.

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