Mandara Green Tea Sampler Set by Kadode Ooigawa, Shizuoka - 4 steaming levels vs 4 green-roasting levels. (16 tea bags)


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The set includes 16 different tea bags with tea of 4 different steaming levels vs 4 different green roasting levels.

Green roasting is a post-production refinement heating process that reduces the moisture in dry, unrefined leaf from 5-6% to 1-2%. Stronger roasts create a toastier flavor.

Steaming the leaves is the first step in the processing of Japanese green tea and can range from 20 seconds to 90 seconds (the degree of steaming also affected by the size of the leaf as well). The lighter that a leaf is steamed, the more it retains its shape producing a translucent, yellowish tea that is light and delicate. A longer steaming breaks up the leaf more, producing a sweeter, stronger bodied, opaque green tea.

Taste the range of flavors from this amazing set, and study how the leaf is affected by these two key production steps.


The creators of the set provides a chart with English indicating the steaming levels vs green roasting levels on the top and right sides. On the left side it indicates steeping temperature and on the bottom it indicates steeping time.

Our recommendation however is to use the exact same steeping parameters on all teas: 70C/160F degrees, for 90 seconds, 200 ml of water.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Contents: 16 different tea bags, 4 grams each. As a bonus, 2 x 20g random spring green tea samples from are also included. has provided the box.
  • Net weight: 104 grams
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Ooigawa, Shimada, Shizuoka

About Kadode Ooigawa

Official Website (JP) Google Map Link Instagram

See video for Japanese introduction of the facility by SBS News

In November 2020, a new tea-themed amusement park opened in conjunction with the launch of a new train station on the Ooigawa Train Line in Shimada, Shizuoka. The facility, owned by Shimada City, was created in conjunction with local businesses including several tea producers (farming coops and factories) who came together to create the Mandara Green Tea set.

Kadode Ooigawa, Shizuoka

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