Chikumeido: Urasenke Kazuho Chasen Kurochiku Dark Bamboo Whisk (72-prong) by Master Craftsman Kubo Sabun 裏千家 黒竹 真数穂 真茶筌 左文作


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From Chikumeido, the 3-century old studio of master craftsman Kubo Sabun (24th generation master) in Takayama, Nara, a beautifully shaped, long-lasting 72-prong (kazuho) chasen (bamboo whisk for matcha) created for use in practice by the Urasenke School of Chado (tea ceremony). 

The chasen is also designated a Shin-no-kazuho, 真数穂, with the "shin" meaning "true" indicating that the tips are not curled (the curling is a flourish meant to display the craftsman's skill as well as protect the tips before use...the curled tips are then  softened in hot water to straighten).

Made with dark bamboo, called kurochiku (黒竹 "black bamboo") or shichiku (紫竹 "purple bamboo"), as black and purple are an elegant exaggeration of the dark brown color of the bamboo. This type of bamboo is made from a type of white bamboo (白竹 shiratake) that grows to 3-5 meters in height and 2-3 cm in diameter. After about 8 months, it begins to turn color and gradually turns brown over the course of 2+ years.

This chasen was crafted by Kubo Sabun himself. 


About Chikumeido

For 25 generations, Chikumeido has researched and developed the crafting of the chasen tea whisk into an art. Generations of students have become master craftsman creating with devotion and dedication one the essential tools of Chado, the Japanese tea ceremony.

Under the guidance of the current master, 24th generation master Kubo Sabun, the high quality and reliability of our whisks have made them a favorite among tea ceremony practitioners tthroughout Japan, and they quietly continue to lead the industry.

The current master, Kubo Sabun, was born into the Chikumeido house of tea whisk masters, and has devoted himself entirely to the art. At the time of the National Sports Festival of Japan in Nara, the previous master received the honor of crafting a tea whisk in the presence of the emperor. In 1987, Chikumeido was recognized by the Minister of International Trade and Industry as traditional craftsmen, and in 1999 received the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award. In 2008, their work was exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, and the following year they were honored to be selected to the "300 Energetic Manufacturing Companies" list by the director of The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. In July of 2014, they participated in the Japan Expo held in Paris and conducted crafting demonstrations in front of large groups of visitors, introducing them to a small part of Japanese culture.

In the future, no matter what difficulties we may face, as long as Japanese tea ceremony exists, we will not abandon tea whisks for generations to come. The blood of generations of tea whisk masters who devoted their lives to their craft flows through our veins. We are resolute in our desire to diligently study our craft and continue crafting superb tea whisks in the future


当店の製品は、当主の指導によって熟練された職人により、全て手作りにて製作されており、その品質の高さと信頼により多くの皆様にご愛顧いただき、業界トップの実績を続けさせて頂いております。 当主は、代々続いた由緒正しい茶筌師の家に生まれ、今日に至るまで茶筌一筋に生きて参りました。 先代は奈良国体の折に、天皇御前製作の栄に浴しました。また、昭和62年には通商産業大臣より伝統工芸士に認定され、平成11年には通商産業大臣表彰を受賞致しました。 平成20年にはフランス パリのルーヴル宮殿 美術館にも出展、翌年中小企業庁長官より「もの作り元気企業300社」として表彰の栄に恵まれました。 本年7月、フランス パリで開かれたジャパンエキスポ2014にも参加、多くの来場者の前で製作実演、等デモンストレーションを行い日本文化の一端を紹介致しました。

今後将来いかなる困難な時代に遭遇しようとも、日本に茶道が有る限り、子々孫々に至るまで茶筌を手離す事はございません。吾々には、代々、茶筌に命を賭けてきた茶筌師としての血が流れて居ります。 今後更に研鑽を努め、秀逸な茶筌の製作に励む覚悟で御座います。


Kubo Sabun (24th generation master) and eldest son Kubo Sayuki (25th generation master). 
Kubo Sabun (24th generation master) and eldest son Kubo Sayuki (25th generation master)

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