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  • Red Shiso(Perilla) Dressing Recipe

    Red Shiso(Perilla) Dressing Recipe

    In the previous article, we introduced you to a quintessential herb for Japanese cuisine, red shiso ( also called purple shiso or perilla).    What's Red Shiso (Perilla) and How...

  • Matcha Affogato Recipe

    Matcha Affogato Recipe

    Let's enjoy Japanese style affogato! Affogato is an Italian dessert made with vanilla ice cream poured hot drinks or liquor on it. The most famous affogato is vanilla ice cream...

  • Enjoy the Rich Taste  - Matcha White Brownie Recipe - - Yunomi.life

    Matcha White Brownie Recipe

    Have you had any matcha sweets? Have you made them by yourself? What I love about matcha sweets is I can enjoy a nice flavor of matcha and also enjoy sweet...

  • How to make the most of Hojicha powder, Hojicha Roll Cake Recipe - Yunomi.life

    Hojicha Roll Cake Recipe

    Can you see what this is?     This is Hojicha powder. Hojicha powder is finely ground Hojicha leaves. It is superfine and smooth like Matcha. You can make a cup of...

  • Tea Recipe: Matcha Cookies

    Recipe by Reiko Taichi Ingredients Sugar 40g Olive Oil 45g ※Flour 100g ※Matcha (Kitchen Grade Matcha or Ceremonial Grade Matcha) 10g ※Baking Powder 2 teaspoon ※Grind Tencha (if available) 5g Milk 40cc...