Suikaen Tanimura Yasuburo: Susudake Chashaku, Japanese Dark Bamboo Tea Scoop 煤竹茶杓


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This handmade bamboo Tea Scoop, or chashaku, crafted by Suikaen uses susudake or smoked bamboo for a beautiful finish. Each piece is handmade, so expect some variation from photos.

Susudake - Smoked Bamboo

Susudake is literally "soot bamboo" — bamboo that has been stained over many decades and even centuries. These bamboo stalks were used in the ceilings of old thatched roof houses in ancient Japan. The stalks over and near the hearths of these houses were gradually stained, and as these houses were replaced, the bamboo were sold to tea whisk craftsman to be made into beautiful chasen whisks and chashaku scoops.

Rarity - Since these houses no longer exist, and the use of open fire to cook has been eliminated, the availability of this bamboo material is extremely limited, and will eventually disappear altogether.

Made in Takayama

Japanese handmade bamboo whisk or chasen are made in Takayama, the historical home of matcha whisks with roots tracing back five centuries. About 90% of all tea whisks (chasen) in Japan are made in this area.

Suikaen in Takayama traces its roots back to the 16th century and is one of a few studios preserving the tradition of whisk crafting. The head of the studio is its 25th generation master craftsman Tanimura Yasuburo.

Product info

Length: 18.5 cm (All measurements are approximate)

Care & Precautions:

  • Please refrain from using a dishwasher or dryer as sudden change in temperature and humidity may cause cracking.
  • After use, please rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly before storing it.
  • Please refrain from storing at places of high temperature, high humidity, extremely dry area and direct sunlight. Recommended humidity for storage: 45-60%

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