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The very best matcha in Japan is milled with commercial level stone mills slowly with large electric-operated operated stone mills that cost over $5000 (sometimes as much as $20,000), but for personal use, use in cafes, use in milling small quantities, this hand operated version is perfect.

Other sizes are also available, but remember, the lower weight of the mill, the larger grains you get. Stone craftsman Masahiko Oshima has sent matcha ground with his mills to a laboratory to measure the grains, and as shown in the photo, 1-10 micron matcha is the result (this would be top ceremonial grade). Of course, the mill size, speed at which you grind, and the tencha used may also determine the fineness of the grain.

Stone Quality

Oshima-san uses a kind of granite from a quarry near his studio in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, called Ushi-iwa-ishi 牛岩石. The detail pattern of the stone is characteristic of this stone.

Lead time

Made-to-order. Please allow about 2 weeks lead time before shipment. You will be informed if it is available sooner.


If you are not satisfied with the stone mill, we can refund the cost of the mill itself. However, please note that all shipping fees including return shipping will be your responsibility. Please contact us for more information.


Note: Each mill is handmade and dimensions will vary.

  • Dimensions
    • SMALL: 15 x 12.5 cm, 30 x 8 cm bottom, Weight: 15.5 kg total
    • MEDIUM: 18 x 12.5 cm, 32 x 8 cm bottom, Weight: 19 kg total
    • LARGE: 20 x 12.5 cm, 36 x 8 cm bottom, Weight: 24 kg total
  • GRAIN SIZE: Grinds tencha leaves to approximately 5-10 microns, with smaller grains

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