Oishi Tea Farm: Tsushima Yuzu Black Tea

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This black tea comes from a small family farm on the pristine island of Tsushima between Japan and Korea, where 90% of the island is still virgin forest. The Oishi family has been farming tea for a decade now, learning to specialize in organic cultivation and processing of black tea. Flavored with dried yuzu peels (which were grown by the Oishi family themselves), the Tsushima Yuzu Black Tea is deliciously sweet hot or cold.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit and plant that is cultivated mainly in East Asia, with origins in China and Tibet. In Japan, it mainly serves as a culinary role and often yuzu peels are added to provide a citrusy and refreshing hint to dishes as well as teas. Yuzu baths are also common in Japan, especially during the winter solstice. 

Steeping Notes

  • Tea: 5 grams
  • Time: 3 minutes
  • Water: 90C/194F, 400 ml

Sweet iced tea: This tea leaf blend also makes a wonderful iced tea, especially in the summer time. We found these parameters were quite nice for a single serving: 6 grams, 2 minutes, 300 ml at 90C/195F. We added 10g of sugar and mixed it before adding ice.

We shorten the steeping time and increase the tea amount to reduce the amount of tannins in the tea, creating a smoother flavor.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Black tea, dried yuzu citrus peels
  • Cultivar: Benifuuki (tea leaf)
  • Harvest: Summer
  • Region: Tsushima Island, Nagasaki
  • Farm: Oishi Tea Farm (family-operated, artisanal farm)
  • Location:  817-1603, 1384 Higashizato, Kamiagata Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture

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