Ocharaka: Natsumikan (citrus) flavored green tea

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The Natsumikan or amanatsu is a citrus similar to a small pomelo discovered in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, in 1740 (From Wikipedia). A familiar fruit in Japanese households, it is frequently used as a flavoring. The Natsumikan flavoured green tea is a best-selling product at Ocharaka. The taste is mild and refreshing, perfect for the summer time. On top of the citrus flavor, the aroma of the sencha makes a pleasant combination. This tea is recommended to those new to flavored tea. It's popular among both men and women, and sure to be a wonderful gift. 

Danton Stephane at Ochakara Tea Shop is a sommelier who uses his skills in the world of Japanese tea. He creates innovative fusions that enhances the sensational experiences of one's “eyes, nose and mouth” to embody full enjoyment of deep and rich flavors while using a sommelier’s approach to wine to that of tea. Stephane wishes to expand the potential for Japanese tea through his innovative flavored Japanese teas! 

Steeping Info

  • Hot: Tea: 3g.Time: 90 seconds. Water Temperature: 80˚C/176˚F. Water Amount: 200 ml.
  • Cold: Tea: 5g. Time: 4 hours in refrigerator. Water: 1L, cold. 

Product Info

  • Name: Natsumikan (citrus) flavored green tea
  • Japanese name: フレーバー緑茶、夏みかん
  • Ingredients: Green tea, orange peel, flavoring 

Vendor Info

  • Name: Ocharaka Inc. (Ocharaka Tea Shop)
  • Location: 3-8-11 Honcho, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0004 JAPAN
  • Store location: Coredo Muromachi B1 (Exit A6 from the Mitsukoshimae Station on the Ginza Line). 


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