Nankei Pottery: Ink Crackle Yunomi Tea Cup (Grey, 240ml), Pre-order for early September shipment


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In order to not limit the use of this cup/container, Nankei Pottery has named these cups “Enshu” (cylinder in Japanese). Of course, it can be utilised as a Yunomi tea cup, for coffee, dessert, and even salad! You may be surprised that it can be quite multifunctional. The refreshing shades of color (see other options below) will add delight to your table. The moderate shape and volume will also feel comfortable in your hands.

Product Info

  • Tradition: Bankoyaki
  • Volume: 240 ml
  • Dimensions:  76 x 75 mm (width x depth)
  • Colour: Grey (also available in Blue and Light Green)
  • Material: Ceramic (Clay which is high in iron content)
  • Manual / Care
    • There are cracks in the glaze. Please treat it more gently than other products.
    • The color of drinks and food could penetrate the cracks and cause the changes in colour and texture of the product. Before using it, you can soak in water to make it difficult for colour pigment to enter. 
    • The product's colour and texture change over time, please enjoy its changing expression.
    • The product is not dishwasher and microwave safe.

*Please note that there might be "pinhole" on the surface of the glaze and those are not considered as defects hence it is not subject to exchange or return.

    Producer Info

    • Name: Nankei Pottery
    • Kiln Established: 1913
    • Location: Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture

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