KUON - Madoka Series - Dongurin Mini Singing Bell Bowl - Silver Color


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Created with the techniques used for Buddhist singing bowls, this miniature version (patent pending) is designed in the shape of an acorn. Lift the lid to reveal the clapper and allow it to sing the impurities of your surroundings into mu - nothingness. Start your tea ritual with this purity of mu, and step into Tranquility.

Yotsukawa Seisakusho Managing Director and Kuon Brand Manager, Susumu Yotsukawa, tells us that they do not specifically tune these bell bowls, but rather rely on their craftspeople's skills in creating Buddhist singing bowls, passed down through the generations. Made by hand, they are ever so slightly different in tune, but made with a human touch that speaks to your heart.

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Brass (Shinchu  真鍮 - a type of brass containing over 20% zinc), walnut wood
  • Size: Diameter - 44 mm, Height - 61 mm
  • Series: Madoka
  • Design: Ikue Okumura, KISEN design team
  • Produced by Yotsukawa Seisakusho Ltd.


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