Kimono Sash Tea Cozy #1: Pine Tree and River by mami.mano


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Studio mami.mano and Yunomius staff have been working together to create this one-of-a-kind tea cozy. Utilizing a gorgeous Japanese kimono sash, the tea cozy is handmade by a very creative and unique designer Mami Nakagawa. Each tea cozy is handmade, with heat- and cold-insulating material padded in-between the kimono sash and the lining, to maintain the temperature of the teapot. The lining uses silver to match the gorgeous sash.
This tea cozy is decorated with ribbon and beads to add a more modern taste to the work.
Decorate your table with this beautiful tea cozy and enjoy your tea time!!

*Please note that each tea cozy is handmade. The sash used for this product utilizes a vintage sash and may have stains or damage. Read 'Care Instructions and Cautions' carefully before use.


NAME: Kimono Sash Tea Cozy #1: Pine Tree and River
DIMENSIONS: Circumference: 55 cm (21.65 in); bottom length: 27.5 cm (10.82 in); height: 21 cm (8.26 in)
WEIGHT: 96 grams (3.38 oz)

 Measurements above are approximate 

Exterior: 100% Recycled Kimono Sash (Pure silk and/or other materials)
Lining: 100% Polyester (Filling: 100 % Cotton)
Padding: 100% Aluminum Foil (Inner layer: 100% Urethane) (heat- and cold-insulating material)
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Handmade in Japan
Artist: Mami Nakagawa of Studio mami.mano
Color may not be exactly as photographed.
Tea cup and tea pot are not included in the product.


At our atelier, we only use selected materials and each work is carefully made by hand. Please note that the works are very delicate. Handle with great care when in use.
To ensure the long-term usage of the product, please follow the care instructions.
Not water proofed or fire proofed. Not following the instructions below may degrade, discolor, deform, or damage the product.
      -Rare, vintage kimono sash is used for this product. Material is very delicate. Handle with care. There may be stains and damage on sash for this uses a recycled product.
      -Please avoid contact with water, humidity, high temperature, fire, direct sunlight, or strong stress. For maintenance, line dry in shade from time to time.
      -Leaving the product wet will cause fading, shrinking, or color staining. Do not squeeze. Dry in the shade separately from other fabrics. The product may shrink or fade after drying.
      -If the fabric needs cleaning, wring the towel dry and then rub gently, do not scrub.
      -Decorations such as beads and ribbons are especially delicate. Handle with care.
        -Keep out of the reach of children.

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