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The perfect coffee alternative, Kanazawa Daichi's soybean coffee powder uses 100% organic roasted soybean from Ishikawa Prefecture-based Kanazawa Agriculture (agricultural division of the same company). It is zero caffeine drinking and popular among pregnancy women or people who avoid caffeine drinking.

Kinako is regular soybean powder commonly used in Japan for flavoring. This soybean coffee powder is different in that the stronger roasting gives the powder the flavor resembling coffee.

How to Make Soybean Coffee

  • Put 4 grams (3 tsp) into 200 ml of boiled water and mix well.
  • Drinking with soy milk or honey, sugar are also recommended.
  • Using the powder as a flavor when baking cookies or cakes is also a great way to enjoy the flavor of coffee and the healthiness of soybeans.

Product Info

  • Name: Organic Roasted Soybean Powder Coffee
  • Japanese name: オーガニック 大豆珈琲
  • Ingredients: 100% certified organic soy beans grown in Kanazawa
  • Net weight: 150 grams
  • Region: Ishikawa Prefecture

Vendor Info

About Kanazawa Daichi

Kanazawa Daichi Co., Ltd., is the manufacturing arm of Kanazawa Agriculture Co., Ltd. The company has long been dedicated to organic farming, and its operations were certified organic (in 2009) under the USDA's National Organic Program by the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (2001), and meets the EU Organic Farming certification qualifications.

(Kanazawa Daichi CEO Shinjiro Imura at left, Kanazawa Agriculture's Chairman and Shinjiro's father, Akira Imura, at right)

Shinjiro ImuraAkira Imura

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