Kanazawa Daichi: Organic Hato Mugicha 有機はとむぎ茶 (3g x 30)

Size: 3g x 30 tea packs (Gift box)

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Hatomugi or Job's Tears tea is a popular herbal tea in Japan, especially in summer season as an iced tea.

100% of this organic hatomugi tea comes from Ishikawa Prefecture based Kanazawa Agriculture. Kanazawa Daichi Co., Ltd., is the manufacturing arm of Kanazawa Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Kanazawa Agriculture has been long dedicated to organic farming, and its operations were organic certified (in 2009) under the USDA's National Organic Program, the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (2001), and meets the EU Organic Farming certification qualifications.

(Kanazawa Daichi CEO Shinjiro Imura at left, Kanazawa Agriculture's Chairman and Shinjiro's father, Akira Imura, at right)

Shinjiro ImuraAkira Imura


NAME: Organic Roasted Barley Tea
INGREDIENTS: Job's tears (はと麦)


NAME: Kanazawa Daichi
LOCATIONHatta-cho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa


HOT: Bring water to a boil with a kettle and put 1 tea bag per 500 ml. Boil for about 4-5 minutes and remove the teabag(s).
COLD: Put 1 teabag into 500 ml of water. Leave it for about 3 hours and remove the teabag.

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