Kanazawa Daichi: Oku Noto Sea Salt 奥能登 海水塩

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Oku-Noto (also known as Deep Noto or Northern Noto) is the very northern and therefore deepest (farthest from the main island) part of the Noto Peninsula. The area is known for its salt-making tradition called Agehama (literally "bringing up to the beach"), a UNESCO designated Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, where buckets of sea water are brought from the ocean and dried on a salt field. The earliest known record of this salt-making style dates back to 1596 in this area.

UN University’s English video on salt making on th Noto Peninsula

Kanazawa Daichi's Oku Noto Sea Salt takes hints from this tradition and utilizes a more modern method of creation in which the seawater from Oku-Noto is steam-concentrated at low temperature (40-50 degrees Celsius) over a long period of time until crystallization.

Product Info

  • Name: Oku Noto Sea Salt
  • Japanese name: 奥能登海水塩
  • Ingredients: Sea salt
  • Net weight: 200 grams
  • Region: Ishikawa Prefecture

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About Kanazawa Daichi

Kanazawa Daichi Co., Ltd., is the manufacturing arm of Kanazawa Agriculture Co., Ltd. The company has long been dedicated to organic farming, and its operations were certified organic (in 2009) under the USDA's National Organic Program by the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (2001), and meets the EU Organic Farming certification qualifications.

(Kanazawa Daichi CEO Shinjiro Imura at left, Kanazawa Agriculture's Chairman and Shinjiro's father, Akira Imura, at right)

Shinjiro ImuraAkira Imura

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