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DTP or Delivered Taxes Paid (Also known as DDP or Duties Delivered Paid) is a service offered by DHL or UPS in which duties due on import are paid thru our sender’s account. While more expensive that being charged directly as a receiver, the benefits are:

  • Faster delivery as DHL / UPS will not wait for you to pay before delivery.
  • Avoidance of warehouse charges if you take several days to pay, or miss the payment notice.

Other import duties will include VAT or GST, and in some countries, license fees, warehouse storage fees if processing takes several days (particularly for larger, more complicated orders of over ¥50,000 or US$450), etc. These duties will be billed to you after they have been reported to us by DHL.

  • A second invoice will be sent to you for the import duties.
  • If no fees are charged by DHL or UPS, then this ¥3300 will be refunded.
  • If 2% of the total duties are more than ¥3300 (i.e. if total duties are over ¥165,000...a very rare case), then 2% will be charged, and you will be billed for duties + 2% - ¥3300

Please note that small orders of tea (under US$450) to the United States shipped by DHL are rarely taxes so this service is usually unnecessary.

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