Chasandai: Ume Shiso Bancha (Plum & Perilla Green Tea Bags (5g x 8)


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While you may be more familiar with the Japanese maki roll, umeshiso (combination of umeboshi pickled plums and fresh shiso leaves) from your experiences at a Japanese sushi restaurant, Chasandai brings to you an organic bancha from Shimane prefecture blended with domestic plums and shiso (i.e., green perilla). Please enjoy the fragrant scent of bancha and the refreshing flavor of plum and shiso. Although both plum and shiso can be pretty strong by themselves, the bancha creates a harmony with these two flavors. This tea is also recommended as a base for ochazuke, the most comfortable Japanese dish. Enjoy! No fragrances or colorings are used.


Product Info

  • Name: Ume Shiso Bancha (Plum & Perilla Green Tea Bags)
  • Net weight: 40g (5g x 8bags)
  • Ingredients: Organic green tea, plum, perilla (all ingredients are from Japan)


Supplier Info

  • Name: Chasandai
  • Type: Tea Factory
  • Location: 729-6 Nagahama-cho, Izumo CIty, Shimane Prefecture

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