Ayumi Farms (Cyittorattu): Wha-ha-ha Three Year Bancha

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The wonderful story of this Wha-ha-ha Three Year Bancha is that Ayumi-san's (i.e., Ayumi Kinezuka from Cyittorattu in Fujieda, Shizuoka) tea lover friends gathered together and harvested what had been abandoned tea plants, in a traditional winter harvest.  This three year bancha, which was produced through cooperation and laughter (hence, it’s name, "wha-ha-ha"), was slowly roasted over a wood fire. 

 The three year bancha tea is low in caffeine and thus is often recommended for pregnant women, children, and the elderly.  It is a tea that will warm your body, heart and soul (especially great for autumn and winter times), filled with the vitality of the tea plants and the camaraderie and laughter of friends. For the matcha lovers out there, banchas are also great teas as a post-matcha drink. 

Product Info

  • Harvest: February, full moon harvest 
  • Cultivation & Processing Notes: No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers
  • Region: Fujieda, Shizuoka prefecture 
  • Storage: Store sealed airtight in cool, dry area avoiding sunlight


Steeping Notes

  • Tea: 10 grams
  • Time: 15 minutes 
  • Boiling technique: Heat over medium heat, after it starts to boil, simmer for 15 minutes. 
  • Water amount: 1000ml 
  • Second Steep: Can be enjoyed the same way! 
  • Alternatively, steel with 5g, 5 minutes, 300 ml, hot water. 


About the Tea Farmer

  • Name: Ayumi Kinezuka
  • Vendor Type: Family business (Ayumi Farm: Cyittorattu
  • Location: Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka, Japan 426-0134


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