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Oshikawa Seicha -
Oshikawa Seicha -

Oshikawa Seicha

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A small family-owned tea shop and factory in Miyazaki Prefecture, Oshikawa Seicha is run by 6th-ranked tea appraiser Taishin Oshikawa. As a master blender, he creates delicious teas from leaves harvested in the southern region of Miyazaki.

Oshikawa SeichaOshikawa Seicha 6th rank tea appraiserOshikawa Seicha awards

Company Info

Oshikawa Seicha
Taishin Oshikawa
13702 Kawaminami, Kawaminami-chō, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki-ken 889-1301
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