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Morimasa Kiln
Morimasa Kiln

Morimasa Kiln

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From hand to hand, quality created by techniques inherited over generations.

President: Isomura Yoshinori, Winner of Jury's Special Prize, 41st Choza Award Ceramic Exhibition

Morimasa is a ceramics studio that is held in high regard for the exceptional quality of its deisho-ikomi (slurry casting) production method. This method of kyusu production utilizes plaster molds into which clay is poured to form the five parts of the kyusu - body, handle, spout, lid, and lid grip. Although the method in which the kyusu is formed differs from hand-made kyusu thrown on a potter’s wheel, it does not differ in the respect that advanced techniques and expertise are needed to fit those parts together to create the final product.

"Every one of our artisans puts their heart and soul into performing their handiwork before passing the piece onto the next process. That is why our kyusu look so cute." So says Yoshinori Isomura, the master of the kiln, with a smile. Born into a cast pottery family, he also trained in hand-thrown kyusu before setting up his own pottery, Morimasa.

Because he understands both processes, he is able to decide on the slurry blend, apply liquid manure if the weather demands it, and lead his team of skilled artisans. However, he always takes a step back, saying, "The stars at our pottery are the artisans." For example, the "Space Diffuser Holder," with its appearance of a beautiful ombré starry sky, is the work of a veteran artisan who has thirty years’ experience in the task of spraying glaze alone. In the same way, each individual process, including the casting, the production of the tea strainer, and the lid fitting, is itself the main stage of this pottery. Every month, 6,000 pieces of about 30 different types are passed carefully from one artisan’s hands to the next, before being sent out into the world.

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  • Morimasa Kiln (F507): Yakijime Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot (260 ml)
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    Morimasa Kiln

    Morimasa Kiln (F507): Yakijime Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot (260 ml)

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