Osada Tea: Organic Oolong Tea From Shizuoka, Single Cultivar Koshun (Summer Harvest)

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Made from a Shizuoka-specific tea cultivar called Koushun, this oolong tea is unlike any other you've tried. You may find it to resemble more a black tea with a sweet and elegant aroma. This is a tea that will leave an imprint that will be difficult for you to forget. 

About the Koushun cultivar: Quite different from the dominant Yabukita cultivar, the flavor of “Koushun” is highly rated, due to its' strong flavor, pleasant aroma and umami. Popular among the young female generation who enjoy this cultivar for having a refreshing and floral scent.   This cultivar is suitable for Shizuoka Prefecture because of its high yield and strong resistance to cold. While rare, today, this cultivar has received recognition among single cultivar lovers of Japanese tea.  

Bundle of all nine Oolong Teas

Steeping Notes  

  • Tea: 3g, Time: 4 min, Water: 100C/212F, 200 ml
  • Resteep 3-4 times.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Oolong tea
  • Cultivar: Koshun
  • Harvest: Summer
  • Region: Haruno Village, Tenryu Region, Shizuoka

About Osada Tea

Osada Natsumi, Osada Tea

Established in 1948, Osada Tea is an award winning producer and wholesaler of Japanese tea, focusing on organic tea production, and working closely with the farmers of the Isagawa Tea Agriculture Cooperative in Haruno Village, Tenryu Region of Shizuoka.

4th generation tea master, Osada Natsumi, holds 8th-dan rank of tea appraisal, is registered as a Japanese Tea Instructor, and was Champion of the 58th National Tea Appraisal competition.

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