Matcha Moca Hot Milk

Servings: 1 person

Milk: 180 cc (6.12 fl oz)
Matcha: 2g (0.07 oz)
White Chocolate: to taste
Sugar: to taste
Hot water: 50cc (1.7 fl oz)

: Put matcha and hot water in a bowl and whisk. Add sugar and mix.
: Put matcha and sugar in a bowl. Slowly pour hot water into the bowl as you mix with a spoon.

2. Heat the milk.

3. Put (1) into the hot milk and then add white chocolate.

4. Mix with a spoon. Matcha Moca Hot Milk is ready to drink!!

Before using the matcha, sift matcha powder in a sifter to avoid the power from forming into clumps.

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