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Eat, Drink, Cook - Japanese Food & Recipes

  • Chazuke (Rice with Green Tea) Recipe

    Chazuke (Rice with Green Tea) Recipe

    Cha 茶, or ocha means tea in Japanese, and chazuke 茶漬け or ochazuke is a traditional Japanese dish made by pouring green tea over cooked rice with savory toppings. It’s...

  • Green Tea Salt Recipe

    Green Tea Salt Recipe

    Let's incorporate the flavor of green tea into our cooking as well as drinking. It's Tea Salt! This is the simplest recipe ever. Mix some green tea with some salt from...

  • Genmaicha Matcha Latte Recipe

    Genmaicha Matcha Latte Recipe

      This Genmaicha Matcha latte is such a bliss. It's lighter and refreshing, which is different from the Matcha Latte you may already know. The fragrant aroma of Genmaicha and...