The above Excel spreadsheet is a simple template that maps out the cashflow of an online tea business for the first 36 months. Rather than worrying about profit and loss, my suggestion to new entrepreneurs attempting to start e-commerce-based tea businesses is to manage your cashflow very carefully.

A few notes:

This template does not explore what a drop shipping model would look like.

This model makes various assumptions that I think is reasonable. For example, you have a starting capital of US$2000, your conversion rate from site visitors to customers (visitors who make an order) is 2%, and the average order amount is US$50. Of course, every business is different, and adjusting these assumptions is what will determine if the revenue/expense model you build is accurate.

Finally, as a disclaimer, this template is provided without guarantee. There may be mistakes in the calculations, and assumptions may prove to be unrealistic depending on your situation. By downloading and utilizing the template, you release Yunomi, its parent company and partners, from all liabilities including but not limited to financial loss.


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