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Obubu World Tour – Europe 2013

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Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms has a mission to bring Japanese Tea to the world and help spread Japanese tea culture and its centuries-long values of harmony and peace. Not only have we welcomed visitors from around the world to learn more about and enjoy Japanese tea with us, and have invited international students to join us on a unique internship program to deepen their knowledge of tea industry.  Every year our president Akky-san and our vice president Matsu-san also set out on a trip to visit far away countries to build an international Japanese tea lovers community.  Since 2004, Obubu’s visits include several different places in the United States, such as Colorado, New York, Hawaii, etc., while 2012 was dedicated to pay a tribute to Tohoku region in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.  Having built some strong connection in the US, in 2013 Obubu Tea turns to Europe and plans to visit the United Kindgom, Hungary, Germany and France with the aim to spring the love for Japanese tea there. You can find our itinerary below, the information of which will be shared all the way before the trip with frequent updates while on it.  If you would like to meet us in your country or would like to help us on the trip, please get in touch.

United Kingdom

09/26 – Tea Event in London
09/27 – Tea Seminar in Sheffield
09/28 – Tea Tasting Event in Preston


09/30 – Tea Event in Budapest


10/02 – Tea Party in Dusseldorf
10/03 – Tea Event in Dusseldorf


10/05 – Tea Event in Paris
10/06 – Tea Party in Paris
10/08 – Tea Seminar in Lyon

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