Tarui Tea Farm: 2023 Organic Sencha Chouseiden - Single Cultivar Shizu 7132 有機 長生殿

Size: 10g / 0.35 oz / Harvested May 2023 / Yunomi sample bag / non-certified organic

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The Tarui Family's Organic Sencha Chouseiden, meaning "long-life", utilizes Shizu 7132, a rare cultivar that provides a full-bodied, rich flavor balanced with sweetness. A cultivar with a strong personality, the Shizu7132 is a rare tea cultivar that has never been given a name. Characterised to be aromatic,  some describe it has a subtle cherry blossom leaf aroma . This is a cultivar that does particularly well in higher elevation areas of Shizuoka Prefecture. It was developed in the 1960's along with the other Shizu-7000 series (Tarui Tea Farm also cultivates the Yamakai cultivar in their Shurei). Please enjoy this unique and delicious sencha, which will provide you with a taste of the type of Senchas unique to Shizuoka! In the Chouseiden, only bud and first two leaves used. 


Product Info

  • Name: Organic Sencha Chouseiden
  • Japanese name: 有機長生殿
  • Ingredients: green tea
  • Cultivar: Shizu 7132
  • Cultivation & Processing Notes: Uses only the top bud and first two leaves (isshin niyou 一芯二葉)
  • Steaming: Fukamushi, deep-steamed
    • Harvest: Spring
    • Region: Nearaicho, Shizuoka Prefecture


    Steeping Notes

    Consider also cold steeping or ice steeping (see Steeping Techniques). The main thing to note is that lower water temperatures create a sweeter flavor profile while hotter temperatures create a more bitter, astringent profile. More water or less tea will reduce the strength of the tea.

    • 1st steeping - Tea: 1 tea bag. Time: 45-60 seconds. Water: 70C/160F, 200 ml.
    • 2nd steeping - Time: 10-20 seconds.Water: 80-90C/180-195F, 200 ml (about 1 cup).
    • 3rd steeping - Increase time to 30-60 seconds or to desired strength.

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