Kyoto Kouyoucha, Ume shiso kombu matcha blend by Kouyoudo - 2g x 10 packets (Konbucha)

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If you have travelled to Kyoto, Japan, you may have come across this Onomiyasu Koyocha (or Kouyoucha) as you visited Buddhist temples such as Ryoanji, and places of accommodation.

Indeed, the Kyoto Kouyoucha has been the number 1 product sold annually in Kyoto. This matcha blend includes matcha from Kyoto, powdered shiso (perilla leaves), ume (Japanese plum), and konbu (kelp seaweed) which together creates a savory, mellow, and salty combination that is sure to help bring you to enlightenment. 

In Japan, kombu (kelp/seaweed) is an essential aspect of the Japanese cuisine. The konbu is dried, then it is often cut into small pieces or crushed into a powder. Konbu is often utilized in celebratory occasions to symbolize felicity. This is because the sound 'konbu' is similar to the word 'yorokobu' which means 'to rejoice' in Japanese. Because the ingredients of this tea are often utilized in Japanese cuisine, you can also experiment using this tea in your cuisine as flavoring or to make ochazuke. Enjoy!


Product info

  • Ingredients: Salt (made in Japan), maltodextrin, granulated sugar, matcha, ume fruit paste (Japanese plum), powdered kombu (kelp seaweed), dried shiso (perilla leaves) flakes, amino acid flavoring, citric acid, flavoring.
  • Manufacturer: Kouyoudo
  • CEO: Saito Kumiko
  • Scale: 9 employees, all women
  • Region: Kyoto

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