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Places you want to visit in Japan before you die (part 2)

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aomori-oirase-keiryuOirase Stream (奥入瀬渓流 Oirase Keiryu) – Aomori Prefecture

Oirase keiryu flows for 14 km from Lake Towada-ko to Yakiyama, consisting of 14 waterfalls and 1 lake. Popular season to visit is summer and autumn: May-June (fresh green leaves), early October (beginning of foliage), mid-late October (best season for foliage).

Location: Oirase Keiryu; 183 Okuse Aza Tochikubo, Towada, Aomori, 034-0301 JAPAN
URL: http://towadako.or.jp/ (Japanese only)

Image source: http://hakosophia.exblog.jp/

aomori-osorezanMt. Osore (恐山, Osorezan) – Aomori Prefecture

Osorezan is known as one of the three sacred mountains in Japan, and due to its strong smell of sulfur and desolate atmosphere, people refer to this place as “gateway to hell”. The legend tells that the spirits of dead remain in this mountain, and many people come during Osorezan Taisai (grand festival in July 20-24) and Osorezan Akimatsuri (autumn festival in early-October) to see Itako (female shaman).

Location: Osore-zan; Ohatamachi, Mutsu, Aomori, 039-4401 JAPAN
URL: http://www.mutsu-kanko.jp/ (Japanese only)

Image source: http://matome.naver.jp/

aomori-akita-shirakami-sanchiMt. Shirakami (白神山地, Shirakami sanchi) – Aomori Prefecture, Akita Prefecture

Shirakami Sanchi, literally “white god mountain area”, is a mountain range located in Aomori and Akita prefecture, famous for its’ natural virgin beech forest along with many other unique plants and animals. The entire mountain range has an area of 130,000 ha, and 16,971 ha out of that have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Location: Shirakami Sanchi; Ajigasawa, Nishitsugaru District, Aomori, JAPAN
URL: http://www.pref.aomori.lg.jp/ (English) | http://www.shirakami-visitor.jp/ (Japanese only)

Image source: http://www.noshiroyamamotokouikiken.jp/

iwate-hiraizumiHiraizumi (平泉) – Iwate Prefecture

Hiraizumi is a town in southwestern Iwate prefecture. In this area are remains of temples and historic sites from the time of Fujiwara family, flourished during the late Heian period in this region, can be found; 5 of the many sites are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the first to be registered as a world heritage site in the Tohoku region.

Location: Hiraizumi; Hiraizumi, Nishiiwai-gun, Iwate, 029-4102 JAPAN
URL: http://hiraizumi.or.jp/en/ (English)

Image source: http://tsuiteru-reosan.seesaa.net/

iwate-ryusendoRyusendo Cave (龍泉洞, Ryusendo) – Iwate Prefecture

Ryusendo is one of the three largest limestone caves in Japan and is registered as a national natural monument. The already excavated length is over 3,100 m and when including the unexplored area, it is estimated to be over 5,000 m. Out of the many underground lakes, the third lake (98 m in depth) and the fourth lake (120 m in depth and deepest underground lake in Japan, not opened to public) are known for being one of the most beautiful and transparent water in the world.

Location: Ryusendo; 1-1 Kannari, Iwaizumi, Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun, Iwate, 027-0501 JAPAN
URL: http://www.iwate-ryusendo.jp/ (Japanese only)

Image source: http://www.town.iwaizumi.iwate.jp/

iwate-geibikeiGeibikei Gorge (猊鼻渓, Geibikei) – Iwate Prefecture

Selected as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan, Geibikei is a 2 km gorge formed by erosion of limestone banks by the Satetsu River, located in southern Iwate Prefecture. It is also a nationally-designated place of scenic beauty, having soaring cliffs of over 100 m on both side of the river. A famous way to enjoy the site is by taking a boat ride down the river.

Location: Geibikei; Higashiyamacho Nagasaka, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate, 029-0302 JAPAN
URL: http://www.geibikei.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

Image source: http://nolen.jp/

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