The Ultimate Japanese Tea Sampler (At least 15 teas / 150g or more! Allow 1 week prep time.)

Options: At least 7 green teas / 3 black teas / 5+ randomly selected

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The only way an aspiring tea connoisseur can truly become an expert in Japanese tea is to taste widely with specific knowledge of each tea tasted. The tea type, the harvest season, specific cultivation and processing notes, the cultivars, the much information as possible is included on each Yunomi label. With a catalog of nearly 1000 teas from nearly a hundred different Japanese farms, factories and specialists, Yunomi is your guide on this journey through Japan.

Product info

  • Random selection of 15 or more tea samples
  • Net weight: 150 grams in total (average 10g per tea but some tea samples may be more and some less)
  • Selection criteria: Teas are selected at random at the time of purchase.
  • Processing time: Please give us a week to select the teas for the set from our catalog. There may be certain teas we believe would be complimentary to others in the set but need to be repacked at the time of selection.
  • Region: All Japanese-grown and processed teas or tisanes
  • Harvest: Not all teas are from the most recent harvest, though green teas will mainly be from the most recent year (starting in July of that year). Black teas, oolong teas, and other teas may be aged.

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